Our ultramodern Centers for Renal Dialysis are designed to provide a sleek, soothing and state-of-the-art setting for residents with end-stage renal disease.

We offer a full spectrum of renal dialysis services and amenities for our on-site and community patients

Clinical Safety

Quality Assurance

Experienced Staff

On-Site Hemodialysis

At-Home Dialysis

Comfortable Setting

Complimentary WiFi

Smart TVs

High Staff-to-Patient Ratio

Heat & Massage Recliners

Transportation Assistance


Emergency Backup Generators

We are proud to share that we are independently and locally owned with stellar on-site management.

With national chains, essential aspects of patient care and experience can slip through the cracks. The hands-on management and boutique experience at Centers Dialysis ensure that we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Customized Home Dialysis

A home-dialysis program designed specifically for you:

  • No need to travel back and forth to the facility
  • Our training and support team will guide you
  • Better health outcomes

In-Center Dialysis

Dialysis can actually be … comfortable!? Each of our dialysis centers is equipped with plush, heated massage recliners, personal smart TVs with a cable connection and more.

Accepting Patients From The Community

At our centers, we are proud to also offer services to patients directly from the community. We are ready to support walk-in patients in getting the treatment and high-quality care they need.

Training for at-home Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) is a needle-free and bloodless care option that empowers you to dialyze yourself in the comfort of your own home, leaving you feeling more energized.

  • More independence in daily routines
  • Fewer negative side effects and dietary restrictions
  • Can be done while sleeping
  • Allows for traveling